Romeo and Juliet – An Estate Agent’s Guide


Choosing the right estate agent can feel like a game of “Swiping left, or swiping right.” In this brief guide, I aim to steer clear of a mere recount of Blue Book’s unique selling points, avoiding a blatant sales pitch. Instead, I’ll concentrate on a pivotal question: does it truly matter if your estate agent loves your property?


I contend that an estate agent’s genuine appreciation for a property holds greater significance than the agent’s global reach or the number of offices they boast worldwide. Indeed, as long as the agent maintains a credible connection to relevant buyers for a specific property, their affection for the property stands as the foremost consideration when selecting an agent.


Ultimately, an agent who deeply understands your property is better positioned to accurately value it and present it in the most favourable light. Enthusiasm is contagious, and while some agents may have the ability to sell ice to the proverbial Eskimo, genuine passion for a property resonates with potential buyers, helping them to truly grasp its appeal. Buyers typically begin their search with a list of requirements, but ultimately, their decision is guided by the heart, making a passionate agent indispensable.


We often observe that the new buyer’s life story mirrors that of the seller when they originally purchased the property. Therefore, it’s beneficial to find an agent whose reasons for loving your property align with your own, ensuring their sales pitch resonates with potential buyers who are likely to share similar preferences.


However, amidst the fervent competition for instructions, agents will profess unwavering adoration for your property. How can you discern which agent genuinely loves your property? Often, you can simply tell, so don’t let the highest valuation sway you. Agents frequently resort to flattering valuations to secure instructions, a counterproductive tactic that may hinder your chances of selling at the optimal price. Overpricing can deter potential buyers and lead to prolonged listings and eventual price reductions, ultimately resulting in a lower transaction price.


A sincere agent will consider all factors, including any potential compromises, and provide candid advice aimed at achieving the best outcome for you. I believe every property entails some level of compromise, so an agent who honestly addresses these aspects isn’t necessarily indicating a lack of appreciation for your property.


Furthermore, consider whether the agent who professes love for your property will be personally involved in showing it. Many agencies delegate junior staff to handle viewings, leaving senior agents focused on securing new instructions. This can result in a disconnect between the agent’s promises and the service provided, potentially undermining your selling experience.


Lastly, evaluate the agent’s approach to portraying your property through marketing collateral. Bespoke photography that encapsulates the essence of the property and evokes an aspirational lifestyle is essential. Engaging creative photographers to capture a property’s heart with interior magazine-style shots proves far more impactful than relying on wide-angle lenses and artificial lighting, which saps a property’s life and character.


In conclusion, when instructing an estate agent, prioritise finding your Romeo or Juliet who genuinely loves your property, shares your appreciation, and is committed to providing personalised service throughout the sales process.


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